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We started a 2022 full of luxury master closet ideas for you to take personal and home organization to the level you dream it. Discover the six ideas that will revolutionize the world of order in the coming months.

6 Luxury Master Closet Ideas 2022.


Luxury master closet ideas for your bedroom

Ever since the Japanese tidying guru, Marie Kondo, burst onto social media with her innovative ideas to keep only what we use and, last but not least, have it in perfect harmony with the space, a new generation has emerged. These people manifest a solid love for neat environments and with enough space to circulate without having to twist the body in order to be able to pave our way through the narrowness of crowded spaces,
All this movement has led the designers of luxury master bedroom closets to get their imagination out of the lethargy in which it was. The results of so much creativity continue to surprise us year after year. That is why today we have brought you six brilliant luxury master bedroom closet ideas, including dream luxury master bedroom walk in closets.

Idea #1 – Central shelf flanked by two hanging areas

When you have more clothes to hang than to fold, the most practical luxury master closet ideas are those that offer generous hanging spaces and keep shelving more limited. This design is perfect for small spaces and we can assemble it in the blink of an eye.

6 Luxury Master Closet Ideas 2022.

Idea #2 – All-in-one deluxe kit

This design is ideal for the double bedroom. It consists of a central shelf with a good width and a considerable depth to keep the clothes of two people. A set of three drawers forms the base of the shelves, while the sides are divided as follows: in one of them a double space is built to hang medium-length clothes, such as skirts and pants, while in the other a full-height hanging spaces is assembled. The latter is intercepted in a sector of the base with a shoe rack.

6 Luxury Master Closet Ideas 2022.

Idea # 3 – Pink and glitter for the princess of the house

Sobriety is not always the soul of luxury master bedroom walk in closets since there can also be a lot of color and light in them. Is there a princess at home who loves pink? Then we have one of the luxury master closet ideas that will delight you. To begin with, we will cover the visible areas of the wall in a pink satin fabric.

We will leave some shelves without doors so that the wall upholstery shines as much as possible. We will put a very colorful and bright light fixture in the center of the closet, just above an accessory table with a platform for shoes at its base. On the sides we will place different types of shelves and drawers, and we will close with the icing on the cake: a soft white rug to enhance the naive intention of pink.

6 Luxury Master Closet Ideas 2022.

Idea # 4 – Display cabinets

The great advantage of display cabinets in luxury master bedroom walk in closets is their transparency. Would anyone dare to have their clothes and other belongings in a dire state of disarray if they are destined to see them through a perfectly transparent glass? This luxury master closet design alternative is a smart idea because it reveals your life behind the scenes, and no one wants to see themselves as a messy person. So we suggest you take a walk through your own bedroom while you delight in having brought out your most neat and tidy side.

6 Luxury Master Closet Ideas 2022.

Idea # 5 – Bedroom with L-shaped cabinets without doors!

Do you like to have all your clothes in sight? Then, we have hit the mark among all the luxury master closet ideas: the L-shaped wardrobe design. This covers two walls: the one in front of the bed and one on its sides. It has a large number of shelves in the middle area, as well as a hanging space, drawers in certain lower areas and the upper and lower part are reserved for boxes, so the size of the latter is specific for boxes or baskets of medium to large size.

6 Luxury Master Closet Ideas 2022.

Idea # 6 – Illuminated cabinets

One of our star luxury master closet ideas is to place lights inside the visible shelves. Is there anything more comforting than personalized lighting for each shelf? The answer is yours; the design runs on our account.

6 Luxury Master Closet Ideas 2022.

If you can dream it, we can do it. These are not promises; these are proposals. Do you accept them?

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