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Decluttering is a powerful way to take back your home and your life. It can help you create space, let go, and feel inspired and empowered to create your future. Yet it can be tough to know where to begin. Here are some simple rules to help you get started.

Declutter Your Home

Focus on “Why”

The physical act of decluttering is a rote process—sort, toss, give away, repeat. What will keep you going, though, is focusing on why you’re decluttering. Before you begin, take the time to determine why you want to get rid of “stuff,” and what you are making room for in your life. When you start to feel overwhelmed by the decluttering process, return your attention to the “why.”

Take Baby Steps

A furious purge might sound ideal, but it’s sort of like a crash diet—not only is it unsustainable, but you might actually yo-yo back and end up with even more stuff. Instead, approach your decluttering journey with curiosity and consistency. It’s better to get rid of a single scarf you no longer love than to desperately toss 25 books into a box, only to feel pangs of regret after you donate them. Set small goals, such as donating one box of goods or cleaning out one closet, and reward yourself when you meet them.

It Can’t All Be Valuable

A common obstacle many people run into is suddenly feeling like everything they own is highly valuable in one way or another. Remind yourself that this way of thinking only dilutes the worth of the things that mean the most to you. Clearing out the clutter gives you more space in your home and your heart for the things that you love the most.

Stay in Your Lane

If your spouse and kids hold onto everything they come into contact with, you might wonder how decluttering will possibly work. Focus on your own decluttering journey, ignoring what your family members decide to do. Once you are a living example of a simpler life, one of two things will happen. Either your family will not change, but there will be less stuff in the house overall, or you will inspire them to make changes in their own lives. Either way, one person’s decluttering has a powerful impact on the entire home.

Keep It Reasonable

If you’re a perfectionist or a Type A personality, you might feel like only the most Spartan existence is a sign of success. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. The point of decluttering is to get rid of the things that weigh you down and create space for what you love. Only get rid of what you no longer enjoy, and keep the things that truly matter to you.

Connect to the Journey

Though you might start decluttering because you are sick of picking up stuff from around the house, your journey may take on a deeper meaning if you allow it. Simplicity in all things is the way back to living a life you truly love.

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