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This time we bring you the most fantastic gray master bedroom ideas because we want to vindicate the most versatile color in the pantone. Many times we underestimate the power of gray because we consider it a boring color that lacks personality. However, gray is the perfect link for bright colors to shine in an environment without running the risk of crossing the barrier of stridency. Take note of these ideas and make a place for gray next to your bed.

Gray Master Bedroom Ideas.

Gray master bedroom ideas that bring gray back to good standing

Upholstered in green framed by gray flanks

A great way to welcome gray into your bedroom is through walls painted in this color. If we complement the green upholstery with medium-tone solid wood furniture and hang seascape pictures framed in gray afternoons, the walls become the perfect link for a black and white patterned rug, as well as for some green and brown cushions and for a vase with a red, fuchsia or purple flower arrangement.

Gray Master Bedroom Ideas.

Gray and blue for a luxurious rest

While gray provides its unmistakable neutrality, blue covers our room with that peaceful luxury that has made this color the hallmark of distinction.

A double set of quilts, in which the intense blue emerges like a calm sea from beneath the gray, to be crowned by a satin white tufted headboard and dotted with gray and blue white cushions, make up one of the most distinguished gray master bedroom ideas.

To give the decoration of this environment the perfect finishing touch, we will paint the walls in intense blue. Additionally, we will prevent the morning light from waking us up prematurely with a steel gray curtain.

Gray Master Bedroom Ideas.

Gray and white for a trip to the past

Have you ever felt the urge to dive into a black and white photo to get a direct experience of times gone by? Through one of our gray master bedroom ideas we make it possible for you.

Cover your floors in gray imitation wood, reserve part of the gray velvet of the headboard to make a delicate padding and soft cushions, choose nightstands in a discreet shade of gray, hang mirrors with silver gray frames and you will never forget about white to break the visual monotony.

Every time you enter this bedroom, you can allow yourself the license to escape from the here and now, to navigate the waters of past times.

Gray Master Bedroom Ideas.

The gray as protagonist

In our most impressive gray master bedroom ideas, gray could not be missing as the absolute protagonist of the bedroom. In this case, we can play with different shades of gray, from the lightest to the one that is so dark that it flirts with black.

We will start from the base, since we will cover the floor in dark gray ceramic or imitation wood sheets also in this tone. Next, we will paint the walls in medium gray. The following step will be making a ceiling in ultra light gray, to which we will make a mirror with a bed and a carpet in the same tone. Finally, a pair of sofas and two nightstands in very dark grey will become the cherry on the cake of this wonderful bedroom.

In this room we will have cold lighting and, if you want to raise the energy of the room a little, we will give it a touch of silver. This bedroom is one that invites to reflection and to rest, so it cannot lack an indoor plant.

Gray Master Bedroom Ideas.

Design a gray bedroom in your mind and tailor it with your personal touches and these gray master bedroom ideas. We will make it possible.

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