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A closet is just a closet, right? Not necessarily. If you have always made do with the standard closets that come with your home, you may have no idea of the world of possibilities out there. A well-designed custom closet serves two purposes: it adds to the aesthetics of your home and, more importantly, it simplifies and supports your lifestyle. Here are five tips for creating a custom closet that can truly change your life.

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Choose the Master Bedroom

If you can only put one custom closet in your home, place it in the master bedroom. You will be able to clear away clutter, maximizing living space. You will be sure that small but valuable items, such as rings and cufflinks, are never misplaced. And if you are one of the many homeowners who tends to stash everything you don’t know what to do with in your bedroom, you will finally have all of your items organized and available at your fingertips.

Use Accessories to Vastly Improve Your Storage Capacity

Make the most of your new custom closet with closet accessories. Careful planning can nearly double the storage capacity of the closet! Jewelry organizers, hanging shoe racks and purse storage bags, scarf holders that double as tie racks, slide-out belt racks, foldaway ironing boards, and drawer units are just a few of your options.

Share Closet Space

Ask everyone in the family to pare down their wardrobes, getting rid of items that no longer fit or are no longer wanted. Then use barriers such as custom dressers or wardrobe lifts to create individualized space. Next, have everyone organize their closets together to combine items that make sense to store together. For example, everyone’s rain gear might go together in one section of the custom closet, while long-term storage items go in labeled boxes in another section.

Take Tips from the Pros

Professional organizers make their living solving tough storage challenges. Check out a few of their blogs the next time you feel stuck and unsure how to organize. In the meantime, lean on these tried and true tips:

  •         Organize your items based on how often you use them, centering the things you use every day.
  •         Group mix and match items in sections to make it easier to throw together a coordinated outfit.
  •         Make space for a nice laundry hamper with a removable liner.

Call in the Experts

Closet organizers are readily available in big box home improvement stores, and they work fairly well in some situations. If you really want your closet to change your life, though, an off the shelf solution is not enough. Bring in a closet design expert who can listen to your wants and needs, observe your existing décor, identify your current storage challenges, and synthesize everything together to create a custom closet that is as individual as you are.

Ready to Get Started?

Are you ready to get organized with a custom closet or storage solution? Contact TRU Closet Pros today at 941-229-1433 to learn more or schedule your free design consultation!

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