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Also known as a wall bed, a Murphy bed is a great solution for those who need extra sleeping quarters but have limited space. The bed is on hinges, allowing it to fold down into the room when needed and be stored away in a custom-built wall storage space the rest of the time. This allows you to turn any room of your home, from the office to the living room, into a stylish, multifunctional space.

History of the Murphy Bed

Although earlier fold-up beds existed, the Murphy bed was patented by William Lawrence Murphy in 1900. Legend holds that Murphy was in a relationship with an opera singer, but moral codes of the era prevented him from entertaining her in his one-room apartment. By folding his bed into the wall, he turned his apartment in a parlor perfect for entertaining a female visitor.

Murphy perfected his design over the next few years, applying for a series of patents, and the beds became extremely popular. They fell out of favor in the late 20th century as homes grew larger and larger, but experienced a resurgence in the 2010s when a weak economy led to families downsizing their living quarters and allowing their adult children to move back in. Today, the appeal of urban living and a focus on experiences rather than things have led people of all ages to embrace small space living, and Murphy beds are a natural choice.

Types of Murphy Beds

Murphy beds are available in two basic configurations:

Standard Wall Bed: This classic design opens vertically, allowing sleepers to utilize both sides of the bed.

Side-Tilt Wall Bed: If space is at a premium, choose a side-tilt wall bed for a smaller footprint. This design opens horizontally, with one side of the bed hugging the wall when open.

Custom Design

The truly exciting thing about Murphy beds is that, unlike a traditional bed, you can truly create your own custom design. The area in which the bed folds up can become part of an elaborate shelving system that covers the entire wall. The bed can be designed with a table or desk that folds down when the bed is folded up, or it can be engineered to fit perfectly over a sofa when opened. Whether the room design is vintage or ultramodern, whether you love sentimental items or are more of a minimalist, we can customize a Murphy bed solution that truly meets your needs.

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