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Instalation Services

Interested in having your products assembled and installed?

Do you need a closet shelving installation company in the West Coast Florida region? Tru Closet Pros can help! We work with homeowners and builders alike, offering high-quality solutions for the home.

How much does it cost to install a custom closet system?

Custom closets are designed to make maximum use of available space and showcase an individual’s personal sense of style. While standard, run-of-the-mill closets built by the builder may not necessarily accommodate your individual needs, custom closets are built to suit you and the clothes and accessories you have. They prevent things from getting messy and chaotic and make it easy for you to find the right outfit, saving you both valuable time and effort.

A custom-designed 8 ft. melamine walk-in closet system can be installed for around $1,200-$1,800, depending on size, location, and materials.

Closet Storage & Organization Solutions for West Coast FL Homes

We Installed custom home organizers like custom closets and other storage solutions for any space, including:

  • Bedroom closets
  • Kitchen pantries
  • Coat closets and mudrooms
  • Garages
  • And more

After Installation, they will clean up the work area, remove the packaging and debris from the project and place it in the garbage outside on the curb for pickup or in another location that you specify within your home. If you are interested in their services, please look at the map below or call to determine whether there is a Jez professional near you.

In order to receive an estimate, please have a list of the items you plan to purchase or have purchased already.

Please note: Tru closet Pros installers will not demo or prep the closet area. All of your belongings, including any existing shelving and clothing, must be removed prior to Tru’s arrival. The new product must also be staged in the designated room(s) prior to the installer arriving. If it is not, please understand there may be an additional fee. The installer will not be responsible for any painting or drywall repair due to issues caused by pre-existing shelving or racking. The installer will also not be responsible for installing any miscellaneous products or supports not purchased . Please make sure your area is ready before scheduling your appointment with a Tru Closet professional.

Additional Tasks to Complete at the Time of Installation

When installing a closet organizer, it is often the perfect time to tackle other smaller tasks revolving around the closet space. Since any existing shelving will be taken down, rods will be removed and the clothing and shoes will have to be temporarily taken out anyway, it makes sense to take advantage of the empty closet. Some of the smaller jobs that can be tackled by Tru Closet Pros during this time might include:

  • Repainting the interior of the closet
  • Installing lighting in the closet or replacing existing burnt-out bulbs
  • Replacing the door of the closet

Sample Installation Prices:

Reach-In Closet



INSTALL: $497*

Home Office

Media Center

Garage Cabinets


Murphy Bed

INSTALL: $1,177*



Install of full walk-in closet shown above: $1,550*

* All of the pricing shown above are estimations and may vary depending on distance to the nearest TRU Pros installer.

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Please call Tru Closet Pros with your list of products for an accurate installation price.

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