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There are innumerable types of storage bins on the market, from plain acrylic boxes to decorative baskets. Storage bins are a wonderful way to organize your life by gathering small or oddly shaped items into collections. Choose bins that are both functional and beautiful to transform your space. Here are a few ideas for using storage bins to organize every room of your home.

organize with storage bins


Baskets are available in such a wide array of shapes, sizes, and colors that you can find a place for them in virtually any room. Fabric and craft supplies fit wonderfully into a medium-sized basket in the office or the den. A large basket inside a kitchen cabinet can organize utensils that you use infrequently. A bathroom basket is a fancy way to store essentials from extra toilet paper to a collection of makeup.

Fabric Bins

Brightly colored fabric bins are big enough to hold numerous small items, but small enough not to create clutter. Consider labeling your bins so that you see at a glance what each one contains. Tall fabric bins can store long items like rolls of wrapping paper, while smaller totes can easily hold extra clutch bags or wallets.

Plastic Storage Drawers

They’re not the prettiest option, but clear plastic storage drawers definitely have their place. Use them to organize tools, office supplies, or even small pantry items. If the look does not appeal to you, use them only in spaces such as the laundry room or mud room, or hide them in cabinets.

Acrylic Stacking Bins

Since they fit well into closets and pantries, or even under sinks, acrylic stacking bins are highly useful throughout the house. They create vertical storage and can hold everything from underwear to toys to bathroom supplies, depending on size. Larger plastic tubs make excellent homes for Christmas decorations or other seasonal items that need to be protected from dust and bugs when being stored in a garage or shed.

Shoe Boxes

Instead of throwing out your shoe boxes, recycle them into decorative storage containers. You can easily cover them with gift wrap or a similar lightweight covering to make them more attractive. Shoe boxes can hold small collections, toys, or even office supplies. Best of all, a box is included with each shoe purchase, allowing you to dramatically cut down your spending on storage bins.

For best results, sort your household items into categories and give each category one or more containers of its own. Label closed containers so you can easily tell what it is in them, and place each container in the room where the contents get the most use. With storage bins, there is no reason you can’t organize your life while enhancing the attractiveness of your space.

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