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Gardening is not made for everyone, but some blogs offer you a different perspective and make gardening seem as easy as taking care of a growing plant, making compost, watering the plant at the right timing, etc.

For that reason, I offer you a bouquet of the best websites and blogs to visit, which could become your guide for your next crop or external garden.


You Grow girl

Gayla is the author of this great blog, since its launch in 2000, this site has been characterized by motivating gardening enthusiasts to explore, get excited, and use the DIY technique to cultivate plants.

Quite the contrary of what everyone would expect, Gayla tells us in every post, in newspaper fashion, her experiences, advice, interviews with gardeners, how to prepare meals from her harvests, seed storage, and even gift recommendations for gardeners. This blog is fantastic for everyone, both for those who are just starting in this world and for the experts on the subject. Oh, I forgot! The author has written books and sells products made by her, so if you're interested, take a look at her shop menu.


Backyard gardener

This blog is one of the most organized in terms of gardening topics. It has a surprising structure that divides the types of gardens, so if you’re only interested in the herb, rose, shade, swamp, annual, water, or orchard gardens, just go to the type of garden that you like and you’ll find everything related to it. Besides, you’ll discover garden designs for inspiration, articles, and advice on the most relevant topics in gardening, even poems for plants and an education forum where you can learn more and exchange opinions with other gardening enthusiasts.

Get Busy gardening blog

This blog is known for giving advice and gardening techniques no matter the space you have. One of the topics that will probably surprise you is a step-by-step guide to the growing of food until harvest time and how to preserve them in the best way. Even if you’re one of those who fear that your plant will die in some season, this blog lets you know which plants are prone to hot, humid, cold, and dry climates.

Gardening etc blog

When you enter this website, it gives the impression that you are checking a news portal. Little by little you realize it belongs to the renowned UK magazine: Amateur Gardening, very famous since 1884.  Its wide variety of topics is due to the number of gardening amateurs giving you different perspectives according to the experience of each gardener. In this way, Gardening Etc presents ideas to make the most out of your outdoor space and fill it with the plants that best suit your lifestyle.



The author of this website is Rochelle, an amazing landscape designer. Every post she makes has details, ideas, and tips that you would never have thought about. She takes advantage of her space to publicize her gardening workshops and is truly an expert on the subject.

Some topics include: Using mirrors in the garden, Walking gardens, How to start gardening, Mushrooms to save bees, and How to plant a tree so it doesn’t die.

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