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Architecture is one of the most fascinating arts in history. In this way, we know that seeing photographs of specific architectural projects helps us clarify ideas when building or remodeling one of our house’s areas. That’s why we bring you an amazing top 5 of the most inspiring architect blogs.


Designboom Blog

Made for architecture experts and professionals, in this blog, you will discover trends, big projects, and the newest resources for home and public spaces. It even has its own accessories store for personal use or ornament in your favorite house area.


Archdaily blog

It’s one of the best websites in the world about architecture, designs, and projects. The best part about this website is that it has a specific web for each country, so if you need to visit or get inspired by international designs, just click on “World” in the upper left and select the country you want to know more about in terms of architecture. Moreover, there’s a menu called ‘Works’, where you can see cultural, sports, religious, hospital architecture, hotels, interior design, landscaping, and urban planning. Really, a very complete blog!

Metalocus Blog

It’s a blog completely focused on the architecture of public spaces: parks, libraries, cultural areas, history and life of world architects, exhibitions, and awards. If you want to go in depth behind the projects, the architects in charge, and the end of these tasks, Metalocus is your blog.


It’s one of the most traditionally structured websites but with a lot of valuable content involved. This blog is about, styles, specific inside and outside house areas, doors, glass ceilings, houses within houses, and a lot of topics that every architect or amateur of this art should read. Even news about the most recent publications and professional projects of the author.

Diseño y

This blog is a simple and easy site to browse with precise and detailed information about architecture and interior design. Besides, its menu is well distributed, something essential for those who know what they’re looking for and could go directly to their area of ​​interest. The most visited topics on this blog are urban houses, beach houses, and sustainable houses, each one with its respective photographs to inspire you in your next remodeling.

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