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Toritos de Pucará

Fall in love with this symbolism

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The “Torito de Pucará”. symbol of protection, happiness and fertility.

In the South of Peru, specifically in Pucará-Puno, we can find a character full of mysticism and clay-based art: the Torito de Pucará. This peculiar character, full of colors and Andean details, is the most representative ceramic of the Pucará culture, which has transcended times, staying alive in the Peruvian culture.
The History

The history of these colorful ceramics dates back to the arrival of the Spanish to America, when the bulls began to be part of the traditional festivals of the area. In these festivities, these animals were decorated with many colors, then it was placed spicy powder on their nose, which caused them irritation and made them go crazy; For this reason they are represented by artisans with their tongue out.

Today, it is common to find this craft in some houses in Peru, either as an ornament in some part of the house or on the roof of it. Many people have it because of its bright colors and others because of the deep ancestral meaning it holds in each of its lines and shapes.

Details and colors full of meaning

This peculiar bull has a large number of details, which carry many meanings. For example, the hole at the height of the sacrum represents fertilization; and the handle represents the union of men and women in marriage. The characteristic eyes of this bull, also have a meaning: the alert act of the human being in front of the world that surrounds him and the self-observation.

Likewise, the characteristic traces of this ceramic also have a meaning; for example, the ornaments made with brush have spiral forms as a special feature, which represent the spiral of life, a belief that is based on what everything that one gives, returns.

Within all the meanings that the Torito has, there is one that holds special importance, and that is the Andean duality. By placing two bulls together, the fusion of positive and negative energies is represented, in order to reach equilibrium and a common goal. For this reason, it is normal to find these pairs on the roofs of houses, as a symbol of protection and happiness for families.


Now that you know the story behind these representative toritos, do not miss the opportunity to have one in your home and keep a bit of the Andean culture in it. Puno and its ceramics are waiting for you!